Scenes that pause and wait for player input? [Solved]

This may or may not be very simple, but I have a scene that is a dialogue. My problem is that the scene finishes up like a scene normally would. How would I make it do something like this:
The waiter turns back at you infuriated: (lots of angry ranting would be in here normally.)
Press any key to continue…

For things like pressing any key, clearing the screen and so on, you want to include the built-in extension Basic Screen Effects. Once that’s included, the relevant code is

wait for any key;

I can’t believe I didn’t check ANY extensions, especially the ones that are in inform by default!
Thanks for that!

You can also use this, which displays a message, waits for the space key and clears the screen all in one.

pause the game;

It’s also in “Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short”.

Hope this helps.