Scene changing problem..please help!

Hi, was hoping you guys could help with a problem I am having on my first attempted Inform7 script. At the start of the game I want the player to be able to call in sick or go to work - with each option ending the morning scene and beginning another (either day off or work). I have had no problem making the morning scene end (and the work scene begin) when the player arrives at their office, and I have set up telephones (using the recipe book model) at home and at work which the player can use to call in sick. My problem has occurred with trying to make the morning scene end as the result of the telephone conversation.

I have tried setting up a truth state which is varied when a certain question is asked - and using this to trigger the scene change but it seems to have no effect - at least the scene does not start.

i.e. skiving is a truth state that varies

 instead of asking Hayley about "cold":
         say "blah blah blah";
         change skiving to true.
 Day off is a scene. Day off begins when skiving is true.

I have also tried to start the scene when the person on the other end of the line has a certain property, also with no success.

Any help on how I can start this scene, and scenes in general (other than by the location of the player or by the time) would be very much appreciated!


There must be a problem with the way you’re defining, setting, or resetting your variables. The following short example worked fine for me:

[code]The testarea is a room.

Skiving is a truth state that varies. Skiving is usually false.

After examining the player for the second time:
change skiving to true.

Day Off is a scene. Day Off begins when skiving is true.

When Day Off begins:
say “You now have the rest of the day to spend as you please at The Man’s expense. Hooray!”.[/code]

This resulted in:

There was another thread a few days ago about how to start scenes. That might be helpful to you as well.

Thanks for the advice. I have tried virtually the same thing in some other test scripts and it works fine. Thing the problem in the original might be to do with some of the telephone code…going to try redoing it this weekend!