Scarlet Sails: Text-Only Piratical Fantasy Adventure

Hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail to find the legendary Titan’s Treasure.

Do you fight with a cutlass—or your magical skill? Are you biding your time until you can shoot your captain in the back—or are you the reason the rum is gone? Are you brimming with heroics and derring-do—or smart enough to skip the pain and get the power instead? Will you become the most infamous pirate that ever lived—or fall in love with the cabin boy?

Or will you be the pirate who does it all… and lives to tell the tale?

SCARLET SAILS is written using Choicescript and can be played online. I’ve been working on it since May this year, but only truly focused on it last month so at the time of writing it’s quite rough, and I’ll be pouring myself into it until the IF Comp deadline (it should be in decent shape by 7 September). Let me know if you think you’re a better beta for earlier on (easier to implement major plot changes) or later in the month (a fast tester and/or good proofreader).

Please either email me directly at … 99a4d72662

Thank you and arrrrr!

Felicity Banks