Scarlet Sails post-comp release... today!

It’s been a long journey with a lot of blood and swearing, but the twice-as-long post-comp SCARLET SAILS is out now and ready to take your gold (under $5, and just message me if you want a free review copy).

It’s available on your browser ( … e=ourgames)
And as an app on…

iTunes ( … 41497?mt=8)
Amazon ( … rlet+sails)
Google Play ( … arletsails)
Google Chrome ( … joldndfogp)

I love reviews of all kinds (and I’m too absent-minded to hold a grudge anyway) so please let me know if you do a review and I’ll link to it on the pirate page I’ve set up on facebook ( … page_panel).

Congratulations! I look forward to playing it.