SCARLET SAILS post-comp release today

Yes, it’s finally happened. I’ve actually finished my epic battle against the bugs and contradictions and typos, and SCARLET SAILS is ready to set sail in the various app stores…

She has an optional hint function now, a LOT more branching, more choices (including some piratical attire), a new cover, and she’s packing twice as many words as she was before. She costs a few dollars, too (unless you message me privately for a review copy).

iTunes ( … 41497?mt=8)
Amazon ( … rlet+sails)
Google Play ( … arletsails)
Google Chrome ( … joldndfogp)

or via browser ( … e=ourgames)

I’d really love reviews, especially on Amazon (even negative reviews - after twenty reviews they’ll advertise the game for free) or the more obscure sites like the google ones and ifdb (



Maybe you should cross post this in the ‘announcements’ thread, too.


Thanks severedhand (who is clearly Deadpool).

My four year old has been admiring the cover and has decided she needs to send a message to “everyone” about my book (she has only the haziest idea of the contents). Here goes:

Dear every single people,
Mummy’s writing a pirate story and pirates can’t swim. And they have a pirate ship. And they have pirate costumes. They take a bit of somebody else’s things without asking.
And mermaids can swim. And they don’t get cold in the water. And… I don’t know what happens next. I need to think.
I know! And… I forgot again.
And mermaids don’t have hats. And pirates do have hats. And pirates have swords. And they have vests.
The End.

This message has been brought to you by Gratuitous Cuteness. Her love of pirates and mermaids was certainly a factor when I was designing the plot.

She seems to have captured the spirit of piracy in a nutshell, certainly!

These pirates are clearly quite in-vest-ed in their profession.