Saving a running game.

This might be a daft question but is it possible to save a game, done in Inform 7, that is running?

The game I am making is getting pretty lengthy.

Do you mean for the player to save the game so they can restore it later? That’s standard and you don’t have to do anything to add the functionality; they can just type “save” to create a save file and “restore” when they open the game back up to get back to the saved point. (How exactly this works depends on the interpreter, and in particular the online interpreters handle it differently.)

Thanks. Thats what I meant for the player to be able to save their progress as they travel through the game. I am going to be GLULXEbecause of the size and complexity of the game.

In the IDE, however, the answer appears to be “no.” You can easily use the Skein to replay up to a specific point after making changes in your code, but there would be no point in saving an external game file, because after you’ve edited and recompiled your code, the game file couldn’t be reloaded. It wouldn’t be compatible with the new version.

Well, not quite no point. If your game uses some kind of special code attached to save/restore, you might want to save and restore the game during a single testing session, to make sure that code is working as it should.

Then again, every compiled game is output in the source folder, so it’s easy enough to access if some debugging is required. I know I had to do it this way to test some save/restore code for a project of mine, some time ago.

EDIT - Just don’t recompile the game while the output file is open, or I7 will not be able to compile and won’t really know why.