Saving a file

Is there a way you can have the IF game save data to a special file so you could transfer information between 2 IF games.

For example, in Wizardry 2 you can use the same characters you beat wizardry 1 with.

If I wanted to make a game where you can load up information from the previous story into the sequel, would that be possible, and how would it be done?

It would be a pain with the z-machine, but not too hard in Glulx. This example is probably closest to what you want, though the other examples in the same area may also be useful.

Thanks. Glulx is probably the system for it anyway. I was considering porting over the Lone Wolf novels to IF format, so that the parser took care of the combat and the inventory automatically. Basically an advanced CYOA game. If that worked out well I might consider trying some of my own. As is- I would need Glulx to show the pictures anyway.