Save over wright

hi all i have seen meany diferant code setups for save and load but heres a question i have that i cant find a anserw for and that is is it possible to do the following in easy code i dont minde a little java
so what i want is onaly alow one save slot
and i would like it if it would be possible to have auto save save over the file

Hello :slight_smile:

For the save slot, there is only one line of code:

Config.saves.slots = 5; (you can change this number)

And you can add a simple Autosave Toggle Setting like this in your JavaScript (though it will create an extra line in the Save list (with a A).

Config.saves.autosave = function () {
    if (settings.autosave) {
        return true
Setting.addToggle("autosave", {
    label : "<b>Autosaves</b>",
    default  : false,

You might want to look into the Save API Documentation otherwise :slight_smile: