Same Name, Different Room

Alright. Well, I’m using I7 and have already been informed that everyone hates mazes. Well, thankfully the layout of my maze is going to be relatively simple. Only a few rooms. However, I need to try and figure out how to make a maze with rooms like Maze 1 and Maze 2 and Maze 3 and then have them show up in the status bar as Maze, Maze and Maze instead of Maze 1, etc.

If someone knows how to do this, please help. I have been through the manual and haven’t been able to find anything in regards to directly manipulating the status bar or giving my rooms alias names or anything like that.

Thanks for any help that people might be able to provide. :slight_smile:

Alright. I hate replying to my own posts so I just edit…

Anyway, I was going through the inform cookbook and found the Bee Chamber example. Looks like something I should play with. Making a Maze rule or something similar to it that states how all the Maze rooms are to work, then generate the rooms and then start working on them in the layout of the map. I think I can do this, however, as usual, I’m open for suggestions or other ideas. :wink:

All you have to do is change the printed name of each room to “Maze”, like so:

The printed name of Maze 1 is "Maze".

This is the simplest, most concise way of doing it:

[code]A maze-room is a kind of room.
The printed name of a maze-room is “Maze”.

Maze 1 is a maze-room.
Maze 2 is a maze-room. It is south of Maze 1.
Maze 3 is a maze-room. It is east of Maze 2.

Test me with “s / e”.[/code]

If you want your maze rooms to all have the same description as well, you can add:

The description of a maze-room is "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike."

Thank you many much, Emerald. I was going to try and write something very similar to that thanks to the Bee Hive example in the cookbook. :slight_smile: Now to try and get some more work done on this game of mine and possibly bump it up to revision 2 finally. :wink: Thanks again, Emerald. :slight_smile: