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Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: 2.1.0

I am a noob and unsure how to phrase this. But I’ve tested my finished game in three different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) and in Safari it’s experiencing some unique problems. The most urgent one is the “litter” that gets left behind when clicking links.

The code I’m using (thank you JoshGrams!!) is:

(if: $memory1 < 2)[(link: "<p>v</p>")[(show: ?memory1-2)(set: $memory1 to 2)]](else:)|memory1-2>[
(if: $memory1 < 3)[(link: "<p>v</p>")[(show: ?memory1-3)(set: $memory1 to 3)]](else:)|memory1-3>[

The idea is that you click on the “v” to expand and get the next bit of story.

This works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox. But when I click the link in Safari, about 30% of the time it leaves behind a bit of blue partial-link.

A comparison here:

What it looks like mid-click in Chrome (

What it looks like mid-click in Firefox (

What it looks like mid-click in Safari (note the blue knobs) (

AFTER clicking, the traces left behind by the blue knobs (,

Is there any simple fix for this? Or do I just need to add a note in that players shouldn’t play in Safari?