Running games with sound in Zoom / Spatterlight

I’m trying to get The Lurking Horror working on my Mac, and I’d like to make sure that the sounds will work. We’d like to be able to save the transcript of the game, so playing it in DOSBox is not an option. Do Zoom / Spatterlight play sound? If so, do I have to set it up in any special ways?


BTW I’m preparing this for a playing group event this Sunday. You’ll be able to watch it online 2-5 pm EST

I recently played Lurking Horror myself, and googled extensively for purposes of trying to make the sound work in game on the Mac. Zoom doesn’t support sound and I don’t think it can be done in Spatterlight. The best I could do was merely listen to the sound files on their own to see what I was missing. Even that turned out not to be super easy to do until I game them the right names.

If I remember correctly, I jumped through several hoops to get Lurking Horror’s sound working on the Mac, but the only interpreter that could handle it crashed whenever I tried to save the game. So I only heard the first few sounds before I got tired of replaying from the beginning.

I managed to get sounds working in Sherlock (and I think it was through Zoom) quite a few years ago, but I don’t think I have ever heard the Lurking Horror sounds, and I’m sure I tried. Never tried sound in Spatterlight though, that wasn’t around at the time.


Has anyone tried running Lurking Horror with Gargoyle? It is the only up-to-date interpreter on OSX that supports sound.


Glancing at the code, it looks as if Gargoyle should handle it provided that the sound files are in the same directory as the Lurking Horror game, with filenames like SND###.

Or also in the hypothetical case that both Lurking Horror and the sounds were in the same blorb file. That would be quite convenient for players but sadly not legal to distribute.