*** Run-time problem P55 [SOLVED]

I’ve been writing a small if with Inform 7, and the message

appears every turn before Space begins. I think the problem comes from this part of the code:

Strange castle is a scene. Strange castle begins when the time since Space began is 3 minutes. Strange castle ends when the player is in the planet and the player has a sword.

Space is another Scene:

Space is a scene. Space begins when Beginning ends.

And Beginning is another Scene:

Beginning is a scene. Beginning begins when play begins. Beginning ends when Noriko is awake.

The run-time errors are slowing considerably the game and I don’t see how I could avoid them. Does somebody else get this kind of problems?

This is one of Inform’s quirks: as the error message says, you can’t check for “time since X began” if the scene hasn’t started yet. It should work if you change the line to:

Strange castle begins when Space is happening and time since Space began is 3 minutes.

That worked just fine. Thank you! :smiley: