RSS feed

Could it be possible to get new posts as an RSS feed? It would be easier to follow the topics and maybe the board could be added to Planet IF at for more visibility. A quick Google search seems to suggest there are extensions available for phpBB that add RSS.

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I don’t know how to do this, but I think it’s a great idea.

There might be something out there to do that - I don’t know. I could look into it when I get a chance. I know nothing about RSS or RSS feeds, though, so I’d be investigating as a total newbie.


I checked out (which I really didn’t know about before – maybe heard it mentioned elsewhere, but that’s about all). It looks to be more news and blog based. Would forum posts make it seem kinda… spammy? Too much off-topic or trivial stuff showing up too often (great for a discussion board, not so great as an RSS feed)?

Maybe I just need to get off my lazy duff and finish the news and posting scripts for, and investigate “RSS Feeds” for that.

I agree that adding new posts to planet-if would probably clutter it up too much, but just having them available as a feed might be nice. I’m pretty much “feed ignorant” myself, but being able to check for new posts without having to go to the site (like you can with the RSS feed from the I7 extensions page) is convenient. In the case of intfiction, it would only save a couple clicks, since you can already go to new posts, but someone who regularly checks a bunch of feeds might appreciate it.