Rovarsson risks getting thrown off Christopher's christmasscardlist

Dear Fellow Parser IFicionados,

I just got home from a family weekend and I’m leaving for a hiking vacation in France the day after tomorrow. This means that I will be a long distance away from any kind of Analytical Engine for almost the entire duration of the Parser Celebration that is the month of July.

I will examine the ParserComp games list closely and pick a few games to play now and in the last few days of July. I hope to rate and review those before voting closes at the end of the month.

However, there is a real chance that I will not be able to enter any votes for this year’s Comp. In any case, I will try to atone for my lack of involvement in this holiest of IF rituals by writing reviews for ParserComp games in August, and rating them on IFDB.

Thank you for your attention,

(and a fully prostrated apology to @fos1 and @ChristopherMerriner ,)



Your priorities are weird. I mean, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and companionship? You’re picking THAT over a month of hunching hollow-eyed in front of a computer, muttering to yourself and eating junk food?



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I even tried faking a monkey-plague infection (red dots on face with permanent marker), but my girlfriend saw right through that.

So I’ll be slouching towards mountaintops, gazing at cows gazing back at me and generally being bored by trees of all kinds.

Oh, and there might be birds of prey swooping down on rabbits in fields of wild herbs, picknicks by icy waterfalls, mountain goats blocking the path and deer fawns frolicking on the hillsides.

Whooptyfriggin’doo to wildlife all around I guess.

Yaay nature and what have you.


If I had a Christmas Card list, you would still be on it…


The trees probably feel the same way about you, you know?

I can’t pretend that this is anything other than a gross dereliction of duty that even the obligatory post-holiday hair shirt wearing and self-flagellation won’t make amends. But OK - I guess the rabbits and the waterfalls need you even more than we do. Have a lovely vacation, and we’ll look for your reviews in August.

And come Christmas time, well - we’ll just have to see, won’t we?


Je m’en fous, les arbres.


At least it’s not (shudder) first-person shooters or grind-for-experience RPGs with fancy 3-d graphics that are being prioritized. There’d be utterly no chance of help, then.


Is there a way to bundle a screenreader and speech-to-text software with an interpreter on a phone? That way you could have the best of both worlds.

“Look at that view, Rovarsson! Ain’t it marvellous?”
~ “Examine buttons!”
“Erm… So are you good to continue?”
~ “Turn second button right!”
“Are you even listening to me?!”
~ “Examine compartment!”

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"Wonderful, isn’t it? You, me and our son finally on the very top of Bleak Look Cliff, the view we talked about so many times, the ocean crashing on the sharp rocks below, sharkfins circling and the wind howling. The five hour hike sure was worth it, wasn’t it?



~ “JUMP!”

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