Round 2! Another fablement contest

Hey its sean from again!

I thought our first contest went amazingly and wanted to keep it going. As I have stated before, my personal goal is to allow writers to build a brand and a following all while monetizing their work. A contest is my way of giving back to the community while the site is still in the growing phase. I have gotten some feedback from the last contest and made some changes, but overall it seems like everyone enjoyed it!


1st: $100 gift card to amazon/equivalent

2nd/3rd: $25 gift card to amazon/equivalent


Contest runs from September 1st, 2020 to September 30th 2020 11:59pm


“More than meets the eye.” Please know this theme is a suggestion and by no means mandatory.


  • All stories must be SFW. No adult content (sexual, gore, etc)

  • No hateful language or visuals(hate speech, racial slurs, etc) is allowed.

  • Cover art is highly recommended.

  • You must have legal claim to all assets used.

  • I am trying something new with judging. Voting will be done by the number of likes a story gets on fablement!

How to submit:

Just publish your story within the month of September and it will automatically been submitted!

Ooh and don’t forget to checkout our previous winners (scroll down) here!