Room (un)visited by NPC?

Is there a way to see if a NPC has visited a room or not? I mean, a way baked into I7— I could just create a special flag but that would be overkill for what I need.

For the player it’s just:

[if the library is unvisited]

But my made-up version of what I seek for a NPC is something like:

[if the library is unvisited by Kevin]

You can describe any simple condition in the past tense (see chapter 9.13):

if Kevin has been in the Library: [...]

Note that this gets messy if you introduce variables. If you have a room variable R, and you try to say “If Kevin has been in R”, it doesn’t do what you want. At that point you need to create your own flags or properties.

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Great, thanks. Figured it would be just a matter of syntax.