Room isn't capitalizing?

It’s the weirdest thing, and I have no idea what’s causing it, but the display at the top shows “basement” instead of “Basement”. All of my rooms are capitalized (“Kitchen”, “Room of Records”) except the Basement and Janitor Closet.

The Basement is a room. The Basement is dark. The Janitor Closet is a dark room. The Kitchen is a room. Room of Records is a dark room.

Is there, just some way to force the room at the top of the program to display as “Basement”? or is it doomed forever as “basement.”?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mention the basement earlier without capitalization? Or fiddle with the printed names?

Does “there is a room called The Basement” change anything?

You can always change the printed name, but I suspect it’s fixable without resorting to that.

Aha, I did a case-sensitive find and replace for basement and Basement, replaced em all. Don’t know which fixed it, but that did it. Thanks, it was pretty annoying.

You probably had a line like “The basement is below the kitchen.” If that’s the first mention of the Basement, it sets the capitalization.

An alternate solution – a little silly, but valid – is to add:

The printed name of the Basement is “Basement”.

That happened to me one time when I defined a region and listed the rooms in it in lower case.