Room description after taking control of character

I’m attempting to move a character to a room and then change the player to that same character, but once the player takes control, the room description does not print. Is there a way to force a room description print in the Instead of command where I am moving and changing characters? Here is the command so far:

Instead of opening the red door:
	say "As you open the red door and step through it, the area beyond is in darkness. The little light from the hallway doesn't reveal much. Once you pass through the doorway, the red door closes quick behind you with a loud bang, cutting off all your light.[line break][line break][italic type]Press SPACE to continue...[roman type]";
	wait for the SPACE key;
	clear the screen;
	move Bezalel to the Campsite;
	now the player is Bezalel;
	stop the action.

Ideally it would be placed after the now the player is Bezalel line to print the room description once they take control and the screen is cleared.

You can just add “try looking” after “now the player is Bezalel” and it should work.

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That worked, thank you!