Rio Alto: Forgotten Memories -final release-

Hey there! I’m still not done with the game I presented to IFComp this year. I was a bit disappointed at the end but most criticism received seemed quite right to me, Rio Alto could’ve been better in many regards and also quite a lot more accessible, so it’s never too late to amend certain things.

If my game is still on your play list, my recommendation is to wait a bit more. Final version may improve many aspects, here’s a final list:


  • right mouse / double click or touch for quick “Luis-any other card” interaction
  • scrolling text output system (instead page by page)
  • interaction adviser: once a card is being dragged game suggests compatible cards (can be disabled)
  • Android/Linux/OSX versions
  • additional interface handling hints

Technical changes:

  • automatic save-game optional, manual save-game
  • new effect for text output highlighting
  • in-game text formatting controls

Story related changes:

  • Marta has a more prominent role
  • many additions/re-redacted text to help set the tone, give hints and refine the story
  • fully revised English translation


  • card descriptions getting cut
  • some broken interactions

(updated notes)


I’m almost ready to ship the final game, I’ve uploaded here both Linux and OSX 64 bit builds (along updated browser version) because I can’t test any of those in my computer. I’d appreciate if someone checks them out.

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