Rio Alto: FG , upcoming final release

Hey there! I’m still not done with the game I presented to IFComp this year. I was a bit disappointed at the end but most criticism received seemed quite right to me, Rio Alto could’ve been better in many regards and also quite a lot more accessible, so it’s never too late to amend certain things.

If my game is still on your play list, my recommendation is to wait a bit more. Final version may improve many aspects, here’s a provisional list:


  • right mouse / double touch for quick “Luis-any other card” interaction
  • scrolling output system instead page by page
  • association adviser: once a card is being dragged game will suggest other cards that may trigger a reaction along selected card (can be disabled)
  • Android/Linux/OSX native versions
  • manual savegames, automatic save optional
  • additional interface handling hints

Technical changes:

  • text size related fixes and improvements
  • shadows disabled by default (noticeable performance increase on some systems)
  • adjustable speed for text typing effect

Story related changes:

  • Marta has a more prominent role in the story
  • minor English translation improvements

If you are missing something important, please let me know.