Ring of Thieves Standalone POD Thingy

This isn’t Interactive Fiction by every definition, but it fits the cooler ones :slight_smile:

For those who enjoy my free CYOA-Gamebook thingy, Ring of Thieves, you can now throw money at it if you want to (it’s still free in PDF, of course).

temphis.deviantart.com/art/Ring- … -272786532 is probably the best place to start (there’s a link in the description to the Lulu page, yadda).

The POD editions are ridiculously wasteful and expensive. Buy fifty, plz and thx.

Not surprisingly, deviantart.com is blocked on my company’s proxy.

Aw :frowning:

You’re probably not still at work, but lulu.com/spotlight/cumberland is the site you get redirected to from deviantart.

I am, unfortunately. :confused:

Thanks for the link.

(I didn’t buy 50.)

Aw :frowning:

And, finally, I’ve updated the Ring of Thieves homepage appropriately:


Note that I’ve also added a third way to enjoy RoT, a new (freebie) “Homebrew Booklet” PDF, for those gamers who (like me) love their long-reach stapler more than … more than other staplers and select other office supplies.