Rewind launches on Kickstarter! … ed-a-level

I’ve now officially launched the Rewind pitch on Kickstarter, complete with a video which shows where I hope to take the project if this pitch is successful (comic book series, anyone?) as well as showcasing the interactive novel. More of a gamebook than traditional IF, the game can be played by clicking words in the text and choosing options from popup menus to form command sentences, which makes it like a gamebook with lots and lots of options - but work on an advanced parser continues and it will also be possible to manually type in commands for those who wish for a more immersive experience. The game will cover the entirety of the first book in the Rewind trilogy - so it’ll be a truly long game with lots of twists and turns.

I’ve this week quit my main job and will be starting up a company writing interactive software and expanding the Rewind universe - so please help me get things underway. For just £5, if the pitch succeeds, you can have a copy of the game for PC, Mac or iOS.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: … ed-a-level

So is it a gamebook or a parser game?

How would the CYOA mode look?

This reminds me of Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory.

@Oreolek available evidence seems to suggest that you can switch between parser and choice mode.

Oh, I see it includes the option for a god mode as well? (and that it acts as its own IDE, too) Or do I misunderstand?

Looks interesting. Good luck with the project!