Reviving the Game of the Month?

Okay, so after going on a little hiatus due to RL issues, I decided to drop by here a couple of days ago and it seems like the place has been pretty dead ever since everyone got distracted by the IFComp.

Back when this forum first kicked off the Game of the Month discussions seemed to be one of the most promising ideas that spawned the most interesting discussion, even if it didn’t quite last long enough to become a ‘tradition’.

So, in the interests of giving this place a shot in the arm, anyone want to try again and choose a game for May? We could either pick up where we left off with All Hope Abandon, or someone could make some new suggestions.

My time for IF is ZIP lately. I’ve been trying to get motivated to start on an IFComp '07 entry, but about all I’ve been able to do is come up with a title graphic. I planned to play and review the Spring Thing games, but have only gone so far as to download them. The chances of me participating in a game-of-the-month thing are pretty slim, but I’d be happy to see it get off the ground otherwise.

I’m for it. Like Merk I haven’t been playing a lot of IF lately but this would be a good reason to do so.

I’m also not sure the open voting idea worked out that well. It became a little confusing, I think. Maybe there just needs to be a single organizer that picks the game and announces it on schedule. Maybe get suggestions, but ultimately decide without a vote. Just an idea.

I wouldn’t mind taking part in this again, if someone were to just suggest a game outright and we miss out on the voting process (which I don’t think was working very well anyway).

I was a bit sorry “All Hope Abandon” didn’t really get its time in the sun – it’s one of those games I keep meaning to go back and play, myself.

I’m for it.

I think this is a great idea. The videogame forum community I partake in randomly throws out “game club” announcements, and anyone interested simply makes time for whatever the title is. When a group of people do that at roughly the same time, interesting discussion is nearly inevitable. It works really well, and I’d love to participate in an IF equivalent.

Err, yep … seconded (Thirded? Fourthed?)

So - continue with All Hope Abandon, or choose another one?

David Fisher

I’m happy with that one. I never did get round to finishing it off.

I’m up for this, I need an excuse to play a game.