Revising games during IF Comp

What’s the current rule about updating games during the IF comp? I can’t find mention on the site.

I was curious about that. Still in, I’m guessing, considering the current organiser is (I think) the guy who managed to get it introduced in the first place.

Implicitly, it seems it’s allowed:

“6. Judges are not obligated to replay updated versions of entries they have already downloaded, started to play, or rated. A judge may play and rate an entry’s originally submitted version or its most recent update, at their own discretion.”

I’d expect more details would wind up here:

I think now IFComp will be in the 4th year of allowing revising, semi-common-knowledge stuff like how to update a game, or updates not being a replacement for planning ahead, etc. may wind up there. But for now it looks like updates are accepted.

Ah… yes, this is a great idea for something the site text could make more clear. I’ll make a note of it.

The short answer is: Yes, authors will have a facility (as they have in the most recent past comp iterations) to update entries after the judging period begins.

The caveat, as the above-quoted rule puts it, is that updating a game doesn’t oblige judges who played an earlier version to go re-play the newer (and presumably better) one.

So, yes, it is to your benefit to do your best to get it right the first time…