Reviewing tool for Twine stories or HTML


I am writing a choose your own adventure story and would love to get feedback once I finish my first draft. I am used to the Atlassian toolset, or Microsoft Word or probably Google docs, in which someone can highlight a specific page, word, or sentence, and make a comment. Does anyone know of a good tool like that for reviewing stories published via Twine, which are HTML pages? It can be specific to Twine or just for general HTML.

if not, what is the generally agreed upon way for someone to get their interactive fiction reviewed? Just post a link and let everyone post replies?


Since a Twine game is just a website, you could try a web-based annotation tool like It’d be really interesting to see that in action.

I hadn’t run into that thing (Hypothesis). Looking at the docs, I suspect that it will mesh badly with Twine, since a Twine game is a highly dynamic web site. There’s no notion of canonical URLs for “pages” in the game, much less individual snippets or fragments.

At least, not that I know of! It’s not inconceivable that you could build a Twine template with that kind of metadata. This kind of leads in the direction of a Floydable/transcriptable Twine game, although that’s a long hard road…

Thanks guys for the quick replies, I will check it out!