Review: Swigian (Adventuron remake)

The lake is still…

Stark, dry, rhythmic prose.

Dark, hazy, evocative art.

The whole becomes more than its parts.

Unseen others stalk you on your descent.

An otherwordly realm.

(Swigian (


I didn’t even know there was an adventuron remake! It seemed like a great candidate for one, now you’ve mentioned it, and this is a good excuse to look at it again.

Side question (maybe suitable for a branch topic:) is there a list of games that have been ported from one authoring system to another with the addition of graphics? (Cloak of Darkness would be disqualified, as it is more of an example, albeit a useful one.) I’d assume there are other such Adventuron games I missed.

The one that comes immediately to mind is 1983, which is a purposefully bowdlerized version of Andromeda Awakening. And it’s a lot of fun.