Review of Cryptozookeeper Part 2

Is idrafan your real name?

This is what I think about snotty little shits arbitrarily locking threads.

As to the fact that I didn’t play the entire game, all I can say is that finishing it would require dozens of hours of RPG “fun,” and I have a life. Imagine a movie that starts out as a thriller and turns into a three-hour musical. There’s nothing inherently wrong with works that are genre-transgressive. It’s just that I’m neither interested nor qualified to review an RPG.

I was away from the community for awhile and missed Pudlo’s migration here from RAIF. Can someone explain the rationale behind not banning him?

If we’re all scenery, wouldn’t it be better to make us a backdrop?

The if author is a kind of thing. It is scenery. It is submental.

Tale is an if author. Tale is in

Jacek is already posting under at least three accounts. Does anybody have time for a full-on sock puppet war? I don’t.

Could you give us a list of Pudlo’s sock puppets so we can avoid them?

Wrong handle. Sorry about that, guys.

(I gave blood today, so I’m a bit loopy.)

Fair enough. This is one of only two Internet forums that I read (the other is the sociology job market forum, which gets much less creatively trolled by economists). So I don’t exactly know what a sock puppet war is, but it does sound like a gruesome timesink.

Nice couple of threads, you stupid cretin. One got locked and you lost your spaghetti in this one. You’ve been pulling this laboriously-dull alt account nonsense for over a decade and the technology behind username switching is still over your head. You’re on the real Internet, jackass, not the stringcan bark-bark super dirtway that you and the rest of your bloodless kinsfolk are used to. Get your shit together. You’re embarrassing me.

I expect an apology to the community from all three of your alt-accounts within the hour. Get to it.

I am surprised that, as a reply to a thread that was locked, this thread is still active. It’s a clear provocation.

Oh, wait. Pudlo. Provocation. Right.

Jacek is interacting with us using fictional characters. He is doing interactive fiction in multiplayer mode. I’m surprised no one gets that. It’s really simple, once you calm down and think about it.

Let’s lock this down too.