"reversed wearing" crashes the game

Given the following code:

[code]Understand “[something related by reversed wearing]” as a thing.

Starter is a room.

Bob is a man in Starter. Bob wears a brown coat.[/code]

“x brown coat” causes the game to hang – seemingly it enters an infinite loop.

When I change “reversed wearing” to “reversed enclosure” this doesn’t happen.

Anyone know what’s happening?

(The full version of this code is meant to do something useful – it uses some indexed text to understand “Bill’s coat” as the coat Bill is wearing – but this minimal version is enough to cause the hangup.)

No one’s told me I’ve been doing something wrong, and I can’t see why this should be a problem for “wearing” but not for “enclosure” or “carrying” or a bunch of other things, so I’ve filed a bug report.

The “understand” statement alone will produce the bug; you don’t need Bob or the brown coat. Any two-word command (with a valid first word) will cause the hang; “north” gets the appropriate error message but “go north” hangs (and “go fdfd” does too).

Sorry if this is off-topic, but
[rant]the reference to “reversed wearing” called to mind a line in one of the early Woody Allen movies (it might have been Bananas) in which the dictator imposes a rule that all persons must change their underwear every day. He then decrees that underwear must be worn on the outside of one’s regular clothing, to facilitate chcking for compliance with the new rule.[/rant]

Robert Rothman

By me, Bananas is never off-topic.