Revealing objects in locked containers

I’m new to Inform 7, so I apologize if I’m missing something obvious here…

I have 2 drawers, top and bottom. I’m trying to open the bottom drawer, get the key there, unlock the top drawer and get the revolver there. But for some reason, when I unlock the top drawer, it just says “You unlock the top drawer.” instead of “You unlock the top drawer, revealing a revolver…” etc.

The strange thing is, it worked before, but it isn’t working now. The index says that there is a revolver in the top drawer, but I can’t see it. Any tips?

[code]The desk is a supporter in the Office. The desk is scenery. The description is “A rectangular oak desk. It has two drawers, one on the top and one on the bottom.”

The top drawer and the bottom drawer are parts of the desk. The top drawer and bottom drawer are openable closed containers. The top drawer is lockable and locked.

The tiny steel key is a thing. The description is “A stainless steel key, slightly bigger than your thumb.” The matching key of the top drawer is the tiny steel key. A tiny steel key is in the bottom drawer.

The gun is a kind of thing. It has a number called ammo. The ammo of a gun is usually 0.

A revolver is a gun. A revolver is in the top drawer. The description is “Your trusty revolver. It can hold six bullets at a time.” The revolver has ammo 6. Understand “gun” as the revolver.[/code]

The unlocking action does not also open the container. (By default.)

Now I feel stupid, heh. Thanks!