Return of Red Hood game announce

Hello all!

I’m interactive fiction fan from Russia. In Russia we have our own large IF community. Maybe even communities, because some people are fans of game books printed on paper, some are fans of Visual Novels, some are fans of text quests and so on. I try to cover this all areas, because it is very interesting. And I always wanted to get in touch with IF fans from other countries. So, here I am :slight_smile:

To be absolutely honest, the main purpose of this post is to attract your attention to small IF game, which we created. Our small team is called NLB project. You can read about our game here:

The game is inspired by CYOA books, choice-based IF and, of course, by the well known story by Charles Perrault :slight_smile: It is pretended to be an ‘easy reading for fun’. It has 45 different endings. The path for each ending is not very long, typically not more than 10 paragraphs, but the branches are mostly independent, so it is like 45 different stories in one. Some people say that they like the style of the book and its humor. Also it should be noted that the book was translated from Russian by the professional translator, so don’t be afraid, you don’t see my bad english in its text :slight_smile:

Also the book contains music, mostly classical tracks from public domain, with some arrangements. Some music tracks are our own.

The illustrations from the book are actually 3D scenes created in Blender and rendered in Cycles. You can see some illustration examples on the book page on indiedb.

The engine used in our book is called INSTEAD, INterpreter of the Simple TExt ADventures. Check it out here:

The main goal of INSTEAD is to create IF stories that are the mix of the classical IF games, Visual Novels and text quests. All things that I like :slight_smile:

Branching storyline (which you can see in our trailer) was created in our own IF editor. I called it Non-Linear Book Builder. It is free and Open Source program. You can acquire its source code on
also you can download compiled and ready to run distro here (version with included JRE for Windows, if you don’t want to mess with Java installing)
or there (much smaller, Java-only version. Requires some tweaking of the run scripts (you should define the Java installation directory on your computer))

Unfortunately, for now the editor provides export only to russian-specific IF engines, including INSTEAD. But I want to add support for some more engines, such as Undum, maybe Ren’Py. I just need to become more familiar with this engines.

If you have any questions, please ask. We will be grateful for any feedback.

Check out the free text-only versions of our game at This versions cannot be called demo, because they contain absolutely all branches of the game plot, but the images and music are missing.

Also we are planning to create text-only online version of the game, which can be played in the browser without the need of installation. We will announce it when it will be ready.

If you want, visit the game page at and leave some comments here, we would be grateful!

We are pleased to announce that Mac OS X distributive package can now be downloaded from the Also please note that improved versions of all free distributives were uploaded. These versions now contain some images (simplified versions of the full version images).

We recently added our game to the Greenlight list!
We would be grateful if you vote for us, thanks in advance! … =368718593

We decided that this game will be free to play from now on.You can download the full version of our game at

Hello all! We have two nice news for you!
First of all, Return of Red Hood is available on Desura now:

Also we have submitted our next game to Steam Greenlight. Initially it was text-only game, but when we started to work on it, it gradually turned into something very similar to Visual Novel. You can read the game description on the Greenlight Submission page: … =392911097

Heya, how are things going? :slight_smile:
We’ve prepared the Android version of Return of Red Hood! Check it out, it is free! … ad.redhood
This standalone game version is based on the free and open source code available on GitHub. Anyone who use INSTEAD engine for the creation of the IF games can try to use it to create his/her own game on Android platform.