Retaining info past Restart

I have a situation where a player may die several times in a playing session trying to get past a certain obstacle. I would like to build a ShuffledList of end-game death messages, so that each time they die, the wording is a little different. However, this would have to keep track of the ShuffledList’s state at a point lower than Restart,Restore, and maybe even Undo. Can I store this list somehow in _mainCommon or something way down there, so that the ShuffledList is never reinitialized until quitting the game for that session?
Or some other way? My knowledge of computer science is not deep, but I’m trying to learn a little bit at a time.

Make your list transient. See the “Persistent and transient objects” section in:

Aha! I suspected it might have something to do with transience but I couldn’t remember where to read about transience in the System Manual. Also, the word “transient” threw me, since that makes it sound like it “doesn’t” last past a restart, but indeed it does.

Just by chance, did you see my post question about MultiInstances located in Booths, and do you have any idea what’s happening there?