Results for Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024

All the ratings for Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024 are now in and the results have been revealed:

  1. Who Kidnapped Mother Goose? by Garry Francis, Inform 6/PunyInform/Z-code.
  2. The Basilisk and the Banana by Jasper & Darren, Adventuron/browser.
  3. Lysidice and the Minotaur by manonamora, Adventuron/browser.
  4. Bakemono no Sekai - World of Monsters by Gianluca Girelli, Inform 6/PunyInform/Z-code.
  5. The Wolf by Leo Weinreb, Inform 7/Glulx.
  6. A Princess Saves a Dragon by Eva Cornei, Adventuron/browser.
  7. Lulu and the Asteroid of 100% Guaranteed Doom by Ben Ryan (Zeth), Inform 7/Glulx.
  8. Their First Meeting by dravianis, Adventuron/browser.
  9. Day Out by Zeno Pillan, Adventuron/browser.
  10. Camelot Jack by David Turner, C#/Windows.

Congratulations to all the winners (there are no losers in this comp) and thank you to all the authors who submitted games and all the people who played and rated the games.

The highest scoring game was submitted by one of the organisers, so this is not eligible for prizes. This means that the 2nd to 6th place-getters all get prizes. Prizes will be organised in the next day or two.


Congrats @Warrigal and @TaciturnFriend and me !!

So many cool games this year! They were really fun to play!!
And thank you again, Garry and @pinkunz for organising it!!


There were some really strong games this year. For anyone that’s playing through them, don’t stop at the top three or four. I’d especially recommend Lulu and the Asteroid of 100% Guaranteed Doom by @Zeth. This was originally written for his kids. It might have been a bit hard for beginners (it was a bit hard for me!), but it’s a really polished game for a first-time author.


Well colour me gobsmacked. Jasper is thrilled. Congratulations everyone - we’re camping this weekend so more coherent response to follow, but it’s been a real pleasure.


That’s an amazing feat for a first time author!! Congratulation, Jasper!!!


Thank you Garry that’s very nice of you! Congrats to all the winners!