Result not what I expected

Every turn: if player is in Booth and multi-colored door is open: if player does not wear halter or player does not wear thong: if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds: say "An undercover cop walks in and sees your naughty parts exposed. You are busted![line break];You are in jail and when you are convicted of the lewd behavior charge your name will be listed on the state sexual offender registry.[line break] This won't keep you from fucking and sucking anyone who walks randomly down the road, but if the president ever wants to appoint you as secretary of state, it[']s gonna come up!"; end the story; otherwise: say "Consider what you're about to do. The cops do occasionally check the back room and the open booths."; otherwise: continue the action; otherwise: continue the action.

What happened is that the player enters the Booth, gets the room description and is immediately busted by the cop, despite wearing the halter and the thong. I can’t figure out why.

I don’t see any problems with the code. I tried out a similar Every Turn rule, and it worked fine. My guess would be that, as has happened in the past, you’ve created two separate objects – perhaps a halter and a skimpy halter, something like that. If you’ve set it up so that the player is wearing the skimpy halter, the if-test about wearing stuff will always be true. In that case, it’s a coin-toss whether you’ll get busted on the first turn after you enter the Booth.

You can check the list of objects you’ve created in the Index/World tab.

Good point. I’ll try “skimpy halter.”

Yes! That worked! Thanks, Jim.