Reseting command prompt

when talking i set prompt to “talking to [NPC]”. conversation which is combined with 3 actions. but for interaction 2 are used. i want to reset prompt if any other action is used within conversation. Unfortunately i am not allowed by inform to list “OK” actions that can start conversation…or i don’t know how… couse if he wants to go north player will go north in middle of conversation and i want to clear prompt

Without seeing exactly how you’ve set up your code, it’s hard to come up with plug-and-play solution, but I think it’d be a rule of the form:

Before doing anything other than [whatever your list of conversational actions is]:
    Now the command prompt is ">".

From the part in your post about not being sure how to list actions, it seems like you might not know about kinds of actions? It’s pretty easy to do, you just say things like “asking it about is conversational behavior” and then you can use “conversational behavior” to refer to that whole suite of actions. Here are the docs on that:

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Thank you :slight_smile: its been long day behind me…

doing anything other than

solved the issue to simplify i marked all functions with behavior. thank you indeed …world is beautifull again :slight_smile:

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