Requesting Windows CLI version of Git Glulxe interpreter

Not a problem. The glkterm thing is something I did in my senior year of high school (last year) - I’m primarily a Linux user for a huge number of reasons, but the computers at school all ran Windows. I like the ‘traditional’ terminal/console way of doing things and had been using glkterm + git for that purpose on my linux installs on my laptop and desktop, and wanted to have something similar on windows. Tons of internet research later I found out about PDcurses (I wanted to build a program that could run entirely independently of DLL hell, so using Cygwin and including the cygwin DLL was out). Needed some fixups because MinGW does not provide POSIX like glkterm counted on and cygwin would provide, but it went pretty smoothly, and I learned a lot about C that I hadn’t known previously. It was a super helpful experience!

Anyway, glad I could help. Hope someone finds a need for these.

Thanks for your work on this.

Even though you didn’t ask, I want to toss in a book recommendation here: Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets by Peter van der Linden. It’s a great book to read once you’re solid with the basics and want to explore some advanced topics. Also, it’s pretty funny in places.

Thanks, but I’ve got a book already. I was given an old copy of “Programming in C: Revised Edition” by Stephen Kochan of Bell Labs (no, not the ‘K’ of ‘K&R’).

It primarily teaches K&R C, but has an appendix describing the changes in C89 (ANSI C) in the back. Pretty good for backwards-compatible programming.

It’s not very funny though, unfortunately, but it does cover some advanced topics.

I have fun looking at some of the Obfuscated C contest code to find advanced things. I will at least look at that book though.