Requesting Expertise!

Hey all! I’m new here but I’m doing a research project for my school.

We spend up to 2 years researching a topic of our choice and coming up with a product based on that research. I chose to research Text-based games and I’m super excited to reach out to ask for some assistance in this endeavor. Last year I focused on the research and this year it is my goal to create a text-based game in python based on that research.

We also are tasked to find an Expert in the field to review our work and guide us if need be to complete our goal. I would like to ask if someone would be willing to take a look at my ideas and help me on this academic journey! If you have a degree and/or experience with coding and work with python and creating IF games then you’re the perfect person to help me out! It shouldn’t be a lot of work and won’t require a lot of your time.

You can reply here or contact me by this email

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