Request for beta-testing for Limerick Heist (Twine), my IFComp '19 entry

I’ve been playing, judging, and lurking since '09, and this year I’m finally entering! waves hi

Limerick Heist is, as you might guess, a heist told entirely via limericks, in choose-your-own-adventure form (Twine). Here’s the blurb:

Rule 1 is that no one gets iced.
Rule 2: the loot’s evenly sliced.
There’s only two rules.
Now listen up, fools!
We’re pulling a…

Would you like to beta-test it and/or proofread it? I estimate the playtime to be 1 hour, and I’d need your feedback by Thursday Sep 19 at the latest.


I’ll take a shot. I usually do parser games, so I’m not exactly sure how to test a CYOA game, but at least I can proofread.

Thanks, Mike! I’ll send you a PM.

I’d be happy to proofread it too. Will send you a PM with my email details.


I have enough beta feedback now, thanks so much, everyone!