Request for Beta-Testers for possible IFComp 2021 Game: Hercules!

Hi all! New to the forum, but been a lover of text adventures for a long while, ever since my dad got me into them. Really happy to be joining this community!

I currently have a game called Hercules! which I started writing five years ago when I first got introduced to Inform 7. It’s currently being beta-tested by friends and family but I feel the need to also run it by some IF experts here to make sure it’s up to snuff. Please DM me if you’re interested!

The game is a fantasy adventure parody game based on the myths of Hercules and is quite puzzle-based. Not sure how long it really takes, but I’ve incorporated a hint system within the game that should help people out.

I don’t really know the protocol here, but I could post the blurb for the game below as well?


Since this has gotten a few likes, here’s the blurb for the game if people were interested/ had any comments or suggestions for it:

The man. The myth. The soon-to-be legend. Your cousin has tasked you with twelve impossible Labors, but nothing is impossible for the great hero HERCULES! …

…so long as you remembered to bring your inhaler with you. Wait, did you not? Shit…

Oh Gods, is your eczema flaring up again? This is going to be one bumpy ride….

Explore a new parodic spin on the classic ancient myth with this puzzle-based text-adventure fantasy story!