Request for Beta-Testers for ParserComp Game: The Faeries of Haelstowne


I need some beta testers for my ParserComp entry please.

It’s a fairly lengthy (>2 hrs), text-heavy narrative game with a lot of puzzly stuff to do, written in Adventuron. The plot involves supernatural events happening in an English village in the 1920s.

The game is complete and it works, ostensibly - but I need some more eyes on it now, to check it makes sense and to flush out the remaining bugs. The only things it is now lacking are the built-in hints and walkthrough (which I will add in the next couple of days) and location graphics (they’ll come later).

Please PM if you are interested.

Many thanks



Busy now with other project, but I do look forward to playing your game in the upcoming comp. It sounds right up my alley.

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Thanks! I think I have enough testers for now.

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