Request for Beta-Testers for ParserComp 2021 Game: Fivebyfivia

I’m looking for beta-testers for Fivebyfivia, a game with … well, the actual puzzle progression is a small spoiler, but as you can guess, it has 25 rooms. And humor (I hope.)

It’s a lot shorter than my usual efforts – potentially solvable in 40 moves without any custom verbs (custom directions are another thing) – and merciful on the Zarfian cruelty scale.

If you like puzzles, I think you might like a fun look inside. If not, I could use your help to see what roadblocks there are to people being able to enjoy the puzzles.

I’m also very willing and interested in trading entries with other ParserComp authors who could use a walkthrough-aided transcript… so if a fellow author needs that sort of look-over, let me know.

PM me if interested or, if you have my email, email me directly.

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