Request for beta testers for Inform slice-of-life game

Hello! I’m looking for testers for my IFComp entry-to-be. It’s a parser game firmly in the slice-of-life genre, with no real puzzles – there’s an extended game-y bit but it’s not progress-blocking – and I think takes about half an hour to run through (though feedback on expected length is one thing I’m looking for).

It should be in a reasonably playable, clean state (he said, tempting fate) but definitely looking for a couple of testers to bang on the world model to find weirdness, identify needed synonyms or alternate actions, and ideally share some general feedback on the writing and characterization (since it’s puzzleless, that’s really where the action is on this one).

I do need feedback relatively quickly, since I have personal-life stuff that will dramatically limit my ability to work on the game after mid-August, so if possible I’d be looking for feedback within a week or so.

I’m glad to swap testing, too, with the caveat that the same personal-life stuff means my ability to reciprocate will be limited for late August and most of September.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I think I’m good on testers for now, thanks folks!