Request: C Makefile for Fizmo Z-machine interpreter Android

Request if someone out there has spare time and wants to help the community :slight_smile:

Right now, Fizmo isn’t available as an interpreter on Android because we don’t have the proper set of files. Android doesn’t work with normal automake and ./configure because it cross-compiles to MIPS/ARM/Intel all in a systemic way and Android has it’s own make system format.

For an experienced C programmer who has worked with Makefile conversion, this should be pretty direct. Although it is a little more complicated because Fizmo is broken into subprojects (many of which will not be needed)

  1. Here is the source that we need files for:
  2. The binding will be just like RemGlk binding to an ‘external’ Glk library. So whatever libraries of Fizmo that RemGlk needs, it should be the same list.
  3. For an example of how a Makefile is converted to, here is one for Git interpreter: … t/Makefile
  4. Other examples, such as nitfol interpreter: …
  5. Documentation on the file: … c/main/jni

Anyway, figured I’d put the request out there of a C developer wanted to help out with this. Thank you!