Request artist to finalize images for "An Arrest"

We have converted the classic short story “An Arrest” by Ambrose Bierce into Ren’Py format. The visual novel is essentially finished. However, some of the images are “placeholder” graphics / photos.

If you are an artist who is looking for a short, well-defined (unpaid) project, we need your assistance to finalize the images.

You can download the visual novel here:


Please contact us if this project interests you at Thanks.

You say that some of the images are placeholders. I assume that means that some of them are not, and should be matched in style. Which ones?

Thanks for your reply.

Ultimately, it depends upon how the artist prefers to work. The artist can have complete freedom to give the visual novel, as you wrote, a consistent style, or I can give the artist a detailed list of items that need improvement.