Reprinting objects

This is likely a very easy one but I’m clearly not searching for the correct phrase.

I want to get the game to reprint the things in the room after an action has happened (plorfing is a placeholder).

instead of plorfing when the player encloses the genies lamp for the third time:
	say "with a 'poof' a genie appears.";
	now the genie is in the desert.

I know the text makes it clear that the genie is now in the desert but I’d like to reinforce it by reprinting the objects in the “room”.

Is this possible?

Do you mean like this?

"Repeat Genie"

Place is a room.

A boulder is in Place. A cactus is in Place. The boulder and cactus are fixed in place.

There is a genie.

After jumping:
    now the genie is in the location;
    say "A genie appears!";
    carry out the printing the locale description activity with the location. [see WWI 18.5 New activities and  WWI 18.26 Printing the locale description of something]

Test me with "jump".


You can see a boulder and a cactus here.

A genie appears!

You can see a genie, a boulder and a cactus here.
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I did, that’s great! Thank you.

What you’ve done is perfect.

In the interests of completeness, is it possible to just “print” that the genie is here?

The only way I know to do that is via the “mentioned” property. Add:

now everything in the location is mentioned; [see WWI 18.24. Writing a paragraph about]
now the genie is unmentioned;

just after the say statement.

Then you get:

A genie appears!

You can see a genie here.
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