Reporting on actions happening elsewhere

Hi, I’m new here, so apologies if this is a dumb question.

How can I make an action in one location visible to other locations. For example, two rooms, garden & aviary. If a parrot squawks in the aviary, I should be able to hear it in the garden. In the code below, “polly squawks” is only reported if I am in the aviary.

In the documentation, section 17.27 talks about the scope of things, but not actions.

I guess the problem is described in 12.13, “Inform’s doctrine is that you witness an action if you can see any of the actor, the noun or the second noun at either the beginning or the end of the action;” Can I change this?

I’ve tried “place polly in scope”, but that makes no difference.

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squawking is an action applying to nothing.
understand “squawk” as squawking.

carry out squawking:
say “SQUAWK”.

report someone squawking:
say “[the person asked] squawks”.

a parrot is a kind of animal.
polly is a parrot.

the garden is north of the aviary.
polly is in the aviary

every turn:
try polly squawking.

test me with “z / z / s / z / z / n / z / z”[/code]

You can use an after rule:

After polly squawking when the player is in the garden: say "You hear a squawk coming from the south."

That’s great - does what I need. Many thanks.