Replay button not working properly

My replay button is defaulting to start of play… even if I’m a hundred turns into the game when I replay. It’s making bug-testing REALLY difficult. Any idea what I might have done?

What happens if you double-click on your last command in the Skein?

Yeah, the replay button has never worked consistently for me (Mac). I use either the test commands or the skein.

Clicking in the skein works so far… but it’s a pain in the ass.

Happens to me to (also Mac).

I find that I can fix this by going into the Skein panel and trimming out the entire thing. Trim Skein, pull slider all the way to the right, okay. After that, for the rest of the session, Replay works. But next time I start up Inform, it’s a crap-shoot whether it still works.

Sucks if you want to keep your skein information around, obviously. I never got into that habit, precisely because it was never reliable for me.

This is the first time I’ve encountered it. I’ll nuke the skein… I haven’t quite figured out what that’s good for yet anyway.