replacing unnamed rules?

How do you replace an unnamed report rule?

Specifically, I wanted to override this rule as defined in Epistemology by Eric Eve:

Report requesting epistemic status of:
  say "[noun] - [if seen]seen[otherwise]unseen[end if] / [if familiar]familiar[otherwise]unfamiliar[end if] / [if known]known[otherwise]unknown[end if]."

That’s the rule for printing out info using the “epistat” testing command. I can do it using “understand the command ‘epistat’ as something new” and the redo the action and everything, with a new name, but I really just want to override the report rule. Is there a better way?

Replacing unnamed rules is hard - you would probably need to replace the entire section from the extension. See manual section 25.8

In this case though there’s an easier option: just define a first report requesting epistemic status of rule. Only one report rule will be used, so if you define yours as first, then it will override the normal one. Easy!

All published extensions should name all their rules, it’s on the checklist. Normally you’d go straight to the author and ask them to fix it, but considering that this is a built in extension I think you could report this on the bug site!

I’ve seen the post and noted the issue, so I’ll do something about it in due course (I can’t right now since I’m away from home until next week).