replace all?

Is there a way to do a find and replace all in Inform, similar to the feature used in MSWord? I have a container that was originally a large wicker basket, but it’s also fixed in place. I figure it doesn’t make much sense for a wicker basket to be immovable, but it would make sense if it’s a heavy oak chest. Unfortunately, I’ve already written the meat of the game. So is there an way I can change all instances of “basket” to “chest”? Right now, I’m using the ctrl+F function, which works but is long and tedious, and I’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ctrl+H works in windows Inform. It only replaces occurrences after your cursor.

SUPER BIG SMILEY FACE thank you so much! that is INCREDIBLY helpful.

The replace function should also be more discoverable (hopefully) from the menus - look at the “Find and Replace” sub-menu of the Edit menu.


I did Ctrl+H but it did not work.

Try Ctrl+F for Find, Ctrl+H for find/replace.

I’ve had issues sometimes where the find/replace window gets lost behind another window when I forget to close it, so it seems to stop working since calling it again doesn’t top-layer the window. This may have been fixed more recently.