Repeating time

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding how scheduling works, but this example does not do what I would expect:

[code]“Groundhog Minute” by Captain Mikee

Gobblers Knob is a room.

At 9:01 AM:
say “Punxutawney Phil pops his head up out of his hole, and[if a random chance of one in two succeeds], seeing his shadow, disappears back into his hole.[otherwise], not seeing any shadow, ventures out in hopes of an early spring.”

At 9:02 AM:
now the time of day is 9:00 AM.

Every turn:
say “the time is now [the time of day]”

test me with “z/z/z/z/z/z”[/code]

Is there some way to get something to happen every time it is a particular time of day?

In case I’m asking the wrong question, this issue relates to the “checkpoints” model that the game I’m working on uses: each stage of the game should be completely repeatable until the player gets past it (see my post about the Final Question if you’re wondering how that repetition works) If there’s an overall philosophy that would work better than the one I’m using, perhaps I don’t need this fiddling with time of day so much…

I ran into this one a while back, too. Apparently, times set with “at such-and-such a time” are single-fire events.

However, “Every turn when the time of day is 9:01 AM” should work as expected.