Renga in Blue games

I have managed digging internet to find almost all the games played by Jason Dyer in his blog Renga in Blue.
There are a lot of games not listed in Ifarchive or IFDB.

I tried to contact some people at IFarchive and emailed to IFTF without response.

Is anyone interested in updating the databases?

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You can add entries to IFDB yourself if you have a minimum level of information. IFTF won’t be interested in doing that.

IFArchive will only store games if they meet its copyright criteria. A lot of the ones you refer to from Renga in Blue – for instance, old Apple II ones – may already exist in other well-maintained archives that aren’t worrying about copyright/legality, like the asimov ftp archive for Apple II software.



Yeah, it’s just a case of adding new entries to IFDB yourself, if this is something that bothers you.

I’ve been gradually adding a lot of Jason’s discoveries to CASA myself. It’s quite an interesting process, as doing additional research (and cross-referencing with the IFDB, Mocagh, Mobygames, the Internet Archive etc.) quite often leads to new discoveries and even more games to add.

(Which then tends to feed back into poor old Jason’s never ending list of games to play! :slight_smile: )


The best database of the older 8- and 16-bit games is probably CASA. It has nearly 10,000 games listed and they’re all (or nearly all) parser-based games. Unfortunately, it does not have downloads for games (for space and copyright reasons) or links to specific game downloads. For that, you need to search the individual game archives for each platform. I know that’s a nuisance, but it’s just a fact of life.

CASA is also one of the best sources of maps, hints, walkthroughs and solutions. That is its primary purpose, after all. And contributions are always welcome.


Games listed is not the same to games playable.
I have spend a lot of hours tracking and downloading RyB games and most of them are hidden deep in the web.
CASA is not a repository internet site, there are many entries wich list games only.
I have got a cloud carpet with that stuff but I am not working in updating any internet repository.
If someone here think that stuff is interesting, just contact me.

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Maybe you can contact

They are the best suited for overall concerns with games preservation.

It is understandable that IF Archive would not take itself into problems with legal stuff. But is another league.

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Ah, if the intention behind the post is about preservation then the game files you’ve collected could be uploaded to IF Archive (for those that have permission) or to (for those that don’t… as it seems to matter less there). That would at least give you someplace to link IFDB entries to. IFDB itself doesn’t store game files.

But someone has to be prepared to do all that associated work of submitting the files and creating associated entries.